Inspection Services

Quality Control and Management

    Vendor Qualification Audit/ Supplier
    Vendor Shop/Fabrication Inspection
    Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
    Expediting Service
    Technical Documentation Review
    Coating Inspection
    Engineering Design Review
    Electrical,Instrumentation and Control
    Oil Country Tubular Goods Inspection & Services (OGTG)
    Project Quality Control & Assurance Management

Welding Consultancy and Welding Testing

    Welding Engineering Consultancy
    Welding Failure Analysis
    Welder Training & Testing

Asset Integrity Inspection and Management

    Periodic/Shutdown Inspections (API 570/510/653)
    Fitness for Purpose Study
    Corrosion Management
    Remaining Life Calculations
    Boilers And Pressure Vessel And Audits
    Pipeline Integrity Management
    Inspection and Maintenance Planning
    Inspection and Maintenance Planning
    Fitness for Services (FFS)
    Above Ground Storage Tank Evaluation
    In-Service Assessment of Fire Safety Equipment
    Evaluation & Condition Monitoring of CP System
    Rotating Equipment Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
    Vibration Measurement/Analysis
    Piping Vibration Assessment & Management

Lifiting Equipment Inspection

    Inspection & Thorough Examination
    Lifting Equipment & Gears Dimensional Examination
    Lifting Equipment Functional Test
    Lifting Equipment & Gears Non-Destructive Test
    Lifting Equipment - Audit Services
    Lifting Equipment Management
    Lifting Equipment Inspection Training

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